About the Series

“Actors Untitled” follows the lives  of two best friends, Marisa and Danny, who are struggling actors trying to break into the industry.


actorsuntitledsocialpic  (Season One Trailer)



actors untitled pilot title  (EPISODE 1X01)

In the Series Premiere of Actors Untitled, Marisa and Danny take a reality gig in the hopes of finally breaking into the industry, but three months later they are still struggling. Danny finds an audition that he thinks could jump-start his and Marisa’s careers, but the results are not what they expected.


actors untitled the mentor and the student title  (EPISODE 1X02)

Marisa and Danny decide to prepare for their student horror film audition and turn to their new roommate, Mark, for help.


actors untitled aint nobody  titles  (EPISODE 1X03)

Marisa and Danny get casting notices for ethnic roles and seek the help of former classmates to help them prepare.


actors untitled the perfect job  (EPISODE 1X04)

Marisa is feeling the monetary pressures of being a struggling actor and is in desperate need of a job, while Danny needs to update his headshots. They both seek help from Danny’s friend, Cindy.


actors untitled the game is called  titles  (EPISODE 1X05)

Danny decides to start an improv group in order to strengthen his skills and tries to get Marisa to join. Marisa is reluctant to join until one of the actors in the group convinces her to stay.


actors untitled beach trips titles  (EPISODE 1X06)

Danny convinces Marisa to take a break from their acting careers and go on a trip to the beach with him.


actors untitled party fights titles  (EPISODE 1X07)

Marisa wants to host a small dinner party with a few of her and Danny’s closest friends, but Mark turns her party into a rager.


actors untitled mailings titles  (EPISODE 1X08)

Marisa works on her industry mailings; Danny thinks he’s depressed and gets Marisa to help him try and fight it.


actors untitled where are thou titles  (EPISODE 1X09)

Danny plans to make amends with an old college nemesis in the form of a mafia style sit-down and invites Marisa’s nemesis to the sit-down so she can do the same.


actors untitled dead actors walking titles  (EPISODE 1X10)

In the Season One Finale of Actors Untitled, Marisa and Danny arrive at the set of the student horror film where they learn their enemies are there with bigger parts.




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